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Endovascular Embolization as a Treatment for Subdural hematoma in LVAD Patients

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In March 2022, practitioners from the Department of Neurosurgery at Georgetown University School of Medicine described a case study of a 63-year-old female with a preexisting LVAD who received treatment for a chronic subdural hematoma. Below we have summarized the findings from the case report, with the entire manuscript, written by Gnel Pivazyan, Mitchell B. Rock, Ehsan Dowlati, Jeffrey C. Mai, and Robert B. Mason, published in Brain Circulation.

Left ventricular assist devices (LVADs) play an essential role in those with heart failure by providing mechanical circulatory augmentation. However, a unique challenge for those with LVADs is chronic subdural hematomas (cSDH), a type of intracranial hemorrhage, which requires the patient to take continuous anticoagulation medication due to the high risk of thrombotic events.