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Managing A Fungal-Infected Prosthetic Aortic Graft with Robotic-Assisted Closed-Chest Techniques

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In May 2022, researchers from Lenox Hill Hospital Department of Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery provided a case report on the treatment of a fungal prosthetic graft infection using a robotic-assisted debridement of the aortic graft within a closed chest. The complete report by Ashley T. Giammarino, Iam Claire Sarmiento, SJacob Scheinerman, John Winalski, Richard S. Lazzaro, Derek R. Brinster, and Jonathan M. Hemli can be found in the Journal of Medical Case Reports. The case report is summarized below.

Although prosthetic vascular graft infections are uncommon, they are associated with high mortality. Traditional management usually involves graft excision and radical removal of damaged tissue through an open approach. Still, the high morbidity associated with these procedures has led to a search for alternative treatment options.