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At Perfusion Times, we understand the medical perfusion industry is a very specific and niche field which requires in depth knowledge and background on perfusion strategies, practices, and processes. We’re proud to provide you with everything you need to know from one source to directly affect and care for the lives of your patients and enhance your practice. We’ll make your job easier while educating you along the way. We do this by providing daily news, articles, and industry wide contributions to our forum. This is also a place where those in the perfusion industry can come and network to discuss or interact with other perfusion related professionals on best practices to advance their knowledge and professional contacts.

Our goal is to not only educate but also increase awareness around the perfusion industry as a whole. We aim to elaborate on solutions for healthcare workers and present opportunities for the professional growth in the healthcare industry. We bring the highest capability of professionals together from healthcare organizations, while providing high-quality content for you.

Instead of browsing the internet for countless hours on end for information, why not get instant and credible information from an expert on our perfusion forum? Put your mind at ease, sit back, and read on.

We cover the following information on our forum: 

Clinical News

We’ll provide news on innovative technologies from everything to clinical trials to how to use and process medical data. Technology continues to play a big role in clinical trials and the patient experience, we also report on the latest advances in technology. We provide information and insights on innovation between clinical trial management and best practices for patient care.


Medical Device News

We’re your direct source for information on the latest medical device products, covering everything involved in the supply chain from biomaterials and materials solutions to electronic devices, medical packaging, motors, and more!


Healthcare & Economics

We’ll provide best practices on information such as patient charting, data analysis, inventory entry, and more! This also covers managing planning, reporting and analytics to ensure you always have up to date information to care for and have better patient outcomes. Some of the specific topics we cover include cardiopulmonary bypass and support services, autotransfusion and platelet gel services, extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) services, chemoperfusion, and database management and legal and professional consultation.