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Successful Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting in A Patient with Situs Inversus Totalis

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In March 2022, a research team from Gunma University detailed the treatment of CABG in situs inversus totalis, a rare anomaly that has been minimally reported in the literature. The complete manuscript by Atsushi Oi, Wataru Tatsuishi, Jun Mohara, Toshikuni Yamamoto, and Tomonobu Abe was published in the Journal of Cardiothoracic Surgery. The case report is detailed below.

Dextrocardia with situs inversus totalis is a congenital anomaly where the organs are mirrored in relation to their typical locations. It is a rare condition, occurring in only 1:10,000 people, and as such, it has been minimally documented.